The Instrument Exchange
TIE Update- 7/12/12
We have been very busy recently. We have had a total of 56 donations now since we began about two years ago. While most of the instruments are in great shape (big thanks to Matt Chin for fixing many of them), a few need some repair but in time will be in great working order. What is even more exciting though, is that we have given out a total of 8 instruments to kids throughout Maine in towns such as Limerick and Lyman. The instruments we have given out so far consist of 2 alto saxophones, 2 cellos, a violin, flute, clarinet, and a keyboard. We are so happy that these instruments have found a welcoming home for the next two years and we look forward to giving many more instruments a home in the near future. We hope that all our students so far have had a great experience with their new instruments and have found a new or developed further their passion for playing music.
We have many instruments still waiting to go out. We are eager to put more instruments into the hands of kids. We know that there are eager people out there to play. Thanks again for everyone who has shown support towards TIE and we will update again soon.

Travis Lee, and Peter Lee